" We believe the mission of our business the provision of superlative customer service "

We might be Christians, but our true religion is the provision of excellent customer service to our customers and clients. Contact consumers quickly. Collect debts based on legal compliance.


Company Chart

  • CEO: Prince Ojong
  • President: Lucielle Ayuk
  • VP Pharmacy: Dr. Patricia Ayuk
  • VP Public Relations: Lady Claire
  • VP Application Development: Sanjeev Agrawal
  • VP Security: Liz Casillas
  • VP Marketing: Debbie Goodfellow
  • VP Sales: Craig Mccoy
  • VP Service: David Miller
  • VP Customer Support: Ayana Fowler
  • VP Strategic Development: Chris Jacopi
  • VP Finance: John Major
  • VP Human Resources: Larry Lindsey
  • VP Integration: Beatrice Ayuk