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Welcome to the partners channel of Alexiacare Corporation. The goal of our partners channel is to provide affordable, complete, and integrated technological solutions which cover every point in the spectrum and continuum of the healthcare process. For this reason, we have created a partner community to collaborate with us in building products to serve the needs of our customers. As a healthcare vendor, you should perceive Alexiacare Corporation to be a technology partner you can rely on.

Indeed, this partnership allows you to save time and make more money in the healthcare space. It introduces and exposes your products to a bigger market. It allows you to offer the best services and technology in the industry. You will gain and retain happy and satisfied clients; you will affiliate with AlexiaHTC, a feature-rich PM/EMR solution with affordable and predictable subscription pricing. By using the most recent version of AlexiaHTC, you ensure your clients have all the functionality, upgrades, and support they need. AlexiaHTC is a fully integrated PM/EMR solution that requires no new hardware, no need to hire IT support, and no hidden fees for existing interfaces; your customers get AlexiaHTC for one low monthly fee per provider. In addition, AlexiaHTC simplifies and expedites the onboarding and implementation of new clients. In fact, Alexiacare Corporation offers virtual, remote, group, or on-site training; this training flexibility allows for flexible and even parallel implementations. Finally, by partnering with Alexiacare Corporation, your company has a long-term revenue stream. Join the growing list of companies realizing ongoing monthly revenue that only a subscription-based solution can offer:

  • Amazon AWS
  • Dreamsoft4u
  • Waystar
  • Availity
  • Health Gorilla
  • DoseSpot
  • ZipCodes
  • FindACode