" We believe the mission of our business the provision of superlative customer service "

We might be Christians, but our true religion is the provision of excellent customer service to our customers and clients. Contact consumers quickly. Collect debts based on legal compliance.

Leadership Team

Mr. Prince Ojong
Mrs. Lucielle Ayuk
Dr. Patricia Ayuk
VP Pharmacy
Mrs. Lady Claire
Mr. Sanjeev Agrawal
VP Application Development
Mr. Liz Casillas
VP Security
Mr. Debbie Goodfellow
VP Marketing
Mr. Craig Mccoy
VP Sales
Mr. David Miller
VP Service
Mrs. Ayana Fowler
VP Customer Support
Mr. Chris Jacopi
VP Strategic Development
Mr. John Major
VP Finance
Mr. Larry Lindsey
VP Human Resources
Mr. Beatrice Ayuk
VP Integration