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AlexiaHTC Develops New Technology To ReSolve The Problem of Patient Engagement

If you read the promotional literature of many software vendors, you will observe the overuse of the term “patient engagement.” Although patient engagement has become the buzzword of many EMR/EHR vendors, few of these vendors, however, have developed a simple, affordable, and integrated web application which caters to the varied needs of solo doctors and independent practitioners. Certainly, many EMR/EHR programs sport patient portals. De jure, patient portals are inadequate in addressing the practices’ issues of customer relationship management. Patient portals do not address the problem of double-appointment booking; patient portals do not address unauthorized visits; patient portals ignore the problem of new patient neglect; patient portals do not schedule reminder calls; patient portals do not handle uncollected co-pays; patient portals do not solve the issue of long wait times in the clinic; and patient portals do not resolve communication breakdowns. Our Smart Alex technology helps practices solve the problems enumerated above; it highlights seven ways AlexiaHTC users can commit to the interest of their patients 100%.

How does AlexiaHTC handle double booking? It triggers an overbooking alert. In addition, it sets a cap for the maximum number of appointments per resource in the facility.

How does AlexiaHTC handle unauthorized visits? It automates payer authorization tracking. It warns the practice when the number of authorizations is running low.

How does AlexiaHTC handle new patient neglect? It segments patients into two classes: new patients and established patients. If the registration activity determines that a patient has been in the practice for three years or less, the patient is classed as a new patient; by contrast, patients who have been with the practice for more than three years are classed as established patients. The system tracks and color codes new patients daily. In addition, the system sets up new patient reminders; the system advises new patients to show up fifteen minutes earlier for appointments.

How does AlexiaHTC handle no reminder calls? The system schedules reminder communication for new and established patients: phone, email, chat, messaging, social media, canned letter, kiosk, and patient portal.

How does AlexiaHTC handle uncollected co-pays? The system uses Authorize.Net and Turn Key to implement the capture of patients’ co-payments at check-in. Patients can use the following methods of payment: cash, credit card, and debit card. In addition, we are building a new module to enhance bill payments and revenue collections.

How does AlexiaHTC handle long wait times? We encourage practices to implement the use of smart kiosks, patient portals, and cell phones. The system monitors patient traffic in the waiting room; it alerts the practice’s staff to the length of time patients have been waiting in the reception and other areas of the facility.

How does AlexiaHTC handle communication breakdown? The system monitors patient conversations; it reveals bottlenecks and points of communication breakdown to the staff.