" Affordable iEHR,Internet Electronic Health Record, Best Healthcare Facilities "

AlexiaHTC is a new and affordable iEHR,Internet electronic health record, for healthcare facilities. The name of thesoftware is AlexiaHTC.

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A Good Samaritan offers AlexiaHTC, a new EMR/EHR, to doctors for free. Certainly, this free offer will shake things up in the medical software industry. AlexiaHTC is a David pitting itself against the Goliaths: Epic, Cermer, and Meditech, which are old and cost too much money. What happens if you figure out how to build a new EMR/EHR on the web for pennies on the dollar? You give it away to the suffering physicians for FREE!

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In just minutes AlexiaHTC can help you

  • Enter an order
  • Write a note
  • Prescribe a medication
  • Generate a charge
  • Create a superbill

Plus, Alexiacare Corporation, the vendor of the new web application, offers full customer service and training support free of charge. Who can beat that?