" The 100% Web-Native, Electronic Cards "

The 100% Web-Native, Electronic Cards, and Windows Application for Consumer Debt Collections and Settlements The 100% Web-Native, Electronic Cards, and Windows Application for Consumer Debt Collections and Settlements

About Us

AlexiaCare Corporation is a premier web application enterprise serving the information-technology needs of all sizes of healthcare facilities in the USA and the world. We are the Colossus of healthcare software. Located in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, we project our awesome and unlimited power to help prospects, clients, and customers, who perceive us to be a veritable hospital for doctors taking good and excellent care of patients.

We Know Our Customer

Our team of highly trained software experts and caring medical professionals is dedicated to providing you and your staff with the highest quality healthcare technology that is safe, compassionate, culturally competent and patient-centered.

We know healthcare processes are complicated. Unlike our competitors, we want to ease the pain of overwhelming you with learning a new application. We have used the divide and conquer strategy to implement the various modules of AlexiaHtC in your healthcare facility. First, we will roll out our billing module, and assist you in completing the most fundamental activities, incorporating charges, payments,adjustments, estimates, and reports.

Next we will roll out our smart and intelligent point-of-care module, which incorporates patient registration, appointment setting, provider and resource scheduling, pharmacy, laboratory integration, and charing. We ascribe fundamental importance to the facility of customization of the iEHR interface to reflect the manner in which you prefer to practice medicine. Unlike our competitors, we take a dim view at the notion of uniformity, standardization, or the one-size-fits-all approach.

In fact, as our customer, we know who you are. You are a private practitioner or physician who has been a victim of the circumstance of old, bloated, expensive, and poorly designed desktop electronic health records programs (EHRs) that were designed using Mumps and CACHE, software development tools of the 1950s. Like Dr. Adolf Hitler on Youtube.com videos, hates using these antiquated EMRs and EHRs inyour day-to-day life in the hospital.

As our target customer, we also know that you are a physician who cannot afford the exorbitant price or mortgage of the unintuitive and certified EHRs that are forcing many hospitals to slash the salaries of staff or go out of business.

Further, extensive research studies have made it abundantly clear to us that you are a physician who finds the tasks of comprehending the Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act and attaining Meaningful Use, MACRA, MIPS, and APM to be counterproductive and the cost to demonstrate or implement them to be too time-consuming to you and your staff.

As our customer, we know it is a hassle to operate your practice alone; we understand you appreciate the roles of a team of assistants and a clinic manager who are looking for a low-cost alternative EHR that will make you,their physician, happy.

AlexiaHtC, the world's first and only iEHR is for you. In fact, it is the solution you have been dreaming about. Today, science fiction is reality.


We are proud to present our professional team

Who is really changing the healthcare world for you?

Epic Systems Corporation? Cerner Corporation? All scripts? NextGen Healthcare? Athena Health? GE Healthcare? eClinicalWorks? Mckesson? Abraxas Medical? Vitera Healthcare?


The positive change agent is AlexiaCare Corporation, the inventor of the iEHR, the Jesus product.

AlexiaCare Corporations overseen and managed by the triumvirate of a humble, born-again, and loving Roman Catholic family. The supporting cast of this triumvirate is a dream team of computer professionals who are as passionate about US healthcare innovation, patient protection, and clinician welfare as they are ardent about loving Jesus Christ, their Lord and Savior.

In retrospect, on the Ides of March, corresponding to July 15, 2010, Alexia Ayuk, a dreamer cast in the mold of Joseph, initiated a healthcare research and development undertaking in her hometown of Laytonsville, Maryland, dedicated to an inquiry into the technological exigencies of the US Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act-dubbed Obama Care. The hallmark of her value proposition was to assassinate the extant EHRs (electronic health records) by inventing the iEHR (a smart and intelligent electronic health record web application which leverages the awesome power of the Internet).


1990: After dropping out of his PhD program inorganizational communications, Prince ojong began selling Medisoft PatientAccounting software and preparing for Hilary R. Clinton's revolution.

2001: Prince Ojong explores the idea of developing apractice management software.

2006: Prince Ojong taught himself how to program in VisualBasic, MS Access, MS SQL, and HTML.

2010: President Barack H. Obama succeeded in passing thepatient protection and affordability care act into law.

2011: Based on divine revelation, Alexia sketched theinitial prototypes of the AlexiaHtC web application.

2017: The building of AlexiaHtC, the world's first and only iEHR.

Below is a list of the corps of software engineers or talented twelve disciples Alexia Ayuk, a tenth grader without any computer programming experience, assembled as the masterminds of her professional team for the Laytonsville laboratory project Christened AlexiaHtC:

Alexia Ayuk: The Dreamer/Founder/President:(The daughter of the Virgin Mary)

Lucielle Ayuk: Chief Executive Officer:(The daughter of the Virgin Mary)

Lord Ayuk: Chief Software Architect

A natural and Christian mystic, Lord Ayuk also perceives himself to be the William Shakespeare, Prometheus, and Robin Hood of software. Indeed, since the untaught computer genius had his epiphany at a free computer seminar hosted at Blackburn Center, Howard University, Washington, DC, in 1985, he has sought to steal esoteric knowledge from the rich and give it to the poor masses of the world. He has been selling medical-office software prior to the Bill Clinton presidency, but he lamented the failure of Hilary Clinton to pass a legislation to reform the broken US healthcare system. After a hiatus spent getting rich in real estate and Wall Street, the dream of Alexia motivated him to return to his roots in healthcare informatics.